Communication Magic Training

Chicago Magician, The Amazing Gary, entertaining both children and adults at a family event, brings laughter and amazement to the party!

Let a professional Magician teach you to Communicate more effectively using the power of Magic!

Contrary to popular belief, most magic relies much less on skilled sleight-of-hand than it does on the knowledge of the secret principles behind the art.

You don't need a top hat, white rabbit and years of practice. With our extensive knowledge of the methods and principles of magic, and a warehouse of tricks and mini-illusions, we can help you communicate your message with easy-to-master magic effects that will engage and entertain your audience.

Whether you are:
  • looking to add an attention-getting opener to an upcoming speech or presentation,
  • looking to incorporate magic into a commercial or social media campaign,
  • looking for an ice-breaker to warm up participants in a meeting, training class or team building session,
  • looking for a fun and creative way to stand out from the crowd at your next trade show,
  • we can help put the magic in your hands!

We can custom tailor our training to fit your specific needs and objectives.


"I want to thank you personally for the way you went to work on the project so quickly, picked up the nuances of the message and translated that into magic tricks that helped our speakers convey their message so convincingly."
Kimberly-Clark Corporation

"I will be able to use the magic in my program to help with better rapport and relationships with the kids that I teach. A lot of the tricks we learned today I will be able to use and I'm going to teach some of the other officers. It was very enjoyable and entertaining. A lot of knowledge was gained here today."
Patrolman Lonnie M. Netzel, Kankakee City Police Department

"I've been using the tricks I learned more to interact with than to perform. While with a group before or after class, I show a few of them a trick. They in turn tell others. Soon everyone wants to see the magic. With John's class, I was able to show some cool tricks just by using things out of my pocket. Also you don't need prior magic experience. This is a good way to break the ice with children or adults alike."
Officer Ken Van Der Haegen, Morton Grove Police Department

"I wanted my presentation to be truly memorable, so I decided I'd perform some magic and really punch up my points. A veteran performer, I'd used many a prop, but as novice magician, I was strictly in uncharted territory. I needed an expert both skilled and perceptive. I turned to Fabjance for polished, professional guidance, and that's exactly what he so expertly provided--magic tricks that enlivened my presentation, and low-pressure instruction that taught me how to execute them with ease."
Cheryl Lynn Bruce, Director, Actor and Playwright